This restaurant is closed for the day but opens tomorrow at 12:00. You can still order for tomorrow on though!

Tondo - Urban Food

Boddinstraße 61, 12053 Berlin, Deutschland, 12053, Berlin


segunda-feira 12:00-14:40,17:00-19:40
terça-feira 12:00-14:40,17:00-19:40
quarta-feira 12:00-14:40,17:00-19:40
quinta-feira 12:00-14:40,17:00-19:40
sexta-feira 12:00-14:40,17:00-19:40
sábado 17:00-20:40

The Masterpiece of italian street food! Hot & crispy Focaccia and Puccia sandwiches filled with Porchetta IGP, Artisanal Salumi and fresh, homemade and high quality ingredients.